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veduta del paese di Possagno


is the birthplace of the most famous European sculptor: Antonio Canova.
The Tempio Canoviano (Canovian Temple), where the artist rests, dominates the town and the surrounding countryside; Canova himself designed it, taking inspiration from the Pantheon in Rome. The Canova Museum, with its Cast gallery and the place where the artist was born, holds the memory of the great artist and organises very intriguing events and exhibitions that are appreciated by art lovers. It is considered as one of the fulcrums of Treviso culture.

The March of Treviso is a land full of history and culture, with a priceless artistic and cultural heritage: it offers the possibility of organising holidays in the province of Treviso that satisfy the tastes of everyone.

There are various destinations to be visited for those looking for architectural, artistic and historical beauty. We strongly recommend tours to Treviso, Asolo, Possagno, Castelfranco, Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto.

For those in search of the rich food and wine heritage of Treviso, the various flavour and wine roads give you the chance to discover our typical products: prosecco, red chicory…

There are many trails for trekking and cycling holiday enthusiasts who can enjoy splendid glimpses of the hills, Medieval castles, villas.
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